Fax Machine Policy

Fax Machine Policy

Phoenix Public Library


Only the library staff will operate the fax machine.

The library accepts no responsibility for missing pages, bad transmissions or incomplete identification on incoming faxes. The library cannot guarantee fax quality.

Cash will be accepted as payment.

Outgoing faxes will be charged $1.00 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page for each location to which the fax is sent. The Library cover page will be provided free of charge. Cover sheets will be available at the Circulation Desk; the patron is responsible for filling in correct information for the fax transmittal. The Library will not accept faxes to international numbers.

Incoming faxes will be charged $.50 per page. Incoming faxes will only be accepted during normal library business hours. All incoming faxes will be shredded if not picked up within 48 hours of receipt.